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Master Binoy

28 years of Kalarippayattu practice with My Master Vasuvedan Gurukkal in Kerala, South India . I Learned Ayurvedic, Kalari assage and Yoga with him.I also learned other styles of Kalarippayattu with Panicker ashan, Viswanatha gurukkal and Vijayan gurukkal.Then I became the second master in his school.

  • Master in kalaripayat
  • Techniques of Yoga and Stress Management
  • Specific care with essential oils
  • Massages Ayurvedic Kalari
  • Massage Indian (Abyanga, garbhavati, pagchampi, shirotchampi, sphinx)
  • Massage indonésines uri-pijat (Balinese massage)
  • Chinese Massage (manual lifting, Taoist face, back tuina, tuina slimming zhen fa, reflexology)
  • Thai Massage (Nuad Borarn, nuad Plançon)
  • Korean massage (relaxation, Korean)
  • Massage Japanese (anima, kobido shiatsu, soku shindo, teno animal)
  • Massage Californien
  • Massage hawai ( lomilomin)


Kalarippayattu, a former art of war which took its current form in the southern state of Kerala in India there are about a thousand years, encompasses a range of practices. Originally designed for combat, treatment and prevention of injuries, Kalarippayattu is the mother material Asian arts and honors the Hindu goddess Kali, the feminine aspect of Shiva. The Kalarippayattu practices include: healing, massage, worship, breath control and meditation flexible; man with a peaceful and happy look with spiritual benefits of living.

Binoy master was born and grew up in Kerala and so he started his training Kalari at the age of seventeen. Mr. Binoy says the Kalarippayattu is a highly disciplined form of martial arts as a form of "moving meditation." With such an emphasis on the unity of mind and body, Kalaripayat has much to offer to actors and dancers.

1999 - present

Massager in 2006-2011 within the institute MAXAM, Paris Training in various massages Asian (Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Japanese), during kalaripayat within the Institute, various articles published about martial arts in magazines and news papers.

Various kalaripayat and massages in Europe and Canada ( 2002 -2004) 1999-2002 Dancer in the Zingaro equestrian theater for the show " Triptyk "directed by Bartabas ( 1999-2002)


Professor of kalaripayattu in YMCA physical education college, Madras ( 1994-1999).

Member of the medical sports team at 7th Asian Games Southern held in Madras.

In 1997 worked as a dancer in the dance company "Imlatha".

In 1996 started various massages and kalaripayattu in France.


Kalari Ayurvedic Therapy 1993-1994 "Health Connection" in Madras.

Kalaripayat teacher and massage school modern dance "Attakalari" Kerala.

In 1993 Professor at the theater "Kadam" in London.

In 1991-1992 District Champion kalaripayat Kerala.






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